When a King Comes in a Confusing Package

John 12:12
Author: Philip Harrelson
Topics: Cross, Preparation, Worship
Series: New Testament Sermons



-Thursday, July 10, 1986, is a day that will never be erased from my memory. It was on that day that President Ronald Reagan came to Dothan, Alabama. Leading up to that day, our city went into overdrive cleaning up, painting, and getting ready for what local historians identify as the man who has been the greatest visitor our city has ever had.

-Teresa and I were about six weeks from getting married and we drove down to East Main to wait with the crowds that lined up from the Medical Center all the way to the intersection of what is now calledMuseum Avenue and East Main Street.

-Mr. Reagan passed by so quickly in the Presidential motorcade that we only glimpsed him for about 2-3 seconds as he flashed by in a limousine that had huge black Chevrolet Suburban's in the front and back of his car. He was waving to the very supportive crowd on that day and even after all these years have passed by, I still have an almost perfect memory of that day.

-Needless to say, it was an absolute expression of the power of our country. One of the details that really stands out to me was the attendance of the Secret Service officers who were riding in the vehicles that flanked Mr. Reagan. It was very obvious that these men were very serious about their job and their responsibility of protecting him. Just a few years earlier they had performed admirably when an assassination attempt was made on Mr. Reagan and in 1986 they were very impressive.

-On that day, the most powerful man on the earth came to our little town in a very impressive package. But if you backtrack in history more than two millennia ago, a King came in a very confusing package. He did not come with the attendance of the Secret Service or heavily armed soldiers, He came riding a little donkey down the way in Jerusalem.

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