Time To Sacrifice the Queen

Matthew 13:45
Author: Philip Harrelson
Topics: Frustration, Rejection, Sacrifice
Series: New Testament Sermons


During an international chess competition many years ago, a man named Frank Marshall made what is often called the most beautiful move ever made on a chess board. In a crucial game in which he was evenly matched with a Russian chessmaster, Marsh all found his queen under serious attack. There were several avenues of escape, and since the queen is the most important offensive player, spectators assumed that Marshall would observe convention and move his queen to safety.

Deep in thought, Marshall used all the time available to him to consider the board conditions. He picked up his queen - paused - and placed it down on the most illogical square of all - a square from which the queen would be captured by any one of three hostile pieces.

Marshall had sacrificed his queen - an unthinkable move - to be made only in the most desperate of circumstances. The spectators and Marshall's opponent were shocked and dismayed. Then the Russian chess master and the crowd realized that Marshall had made a brilliant move. It was clear no matter how the queen was taken, his opponent would soon be in a losing position. Seeing the inevitable defeat, the Russian master conceded the game.

When the spectators recovered from the shock of Marshall's daring, they showered the chess board with money. Marshall had achieved victory in a rare and daring fashion - he had won by sacrificing the queen.

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