The Weaver's Design

Exodus 35:30
Author: Philip Harrelson
Topics: Tabernacle
Series: Old Testament Sermons


-Nothing that God does is by coincidence. He does not bless men with certain talents and gifts for those gifts to lie dormant within their souls, never feeling the weight of production. God does not invest His Spirit into our lives haphazardly, without a certain design and having no meaning about his plan.
-Moses had gained the Law from God and now the time had come for him to begin to work toward the end that God had given to him.
-God had so determined that there would be some men who were anointed workers to carry out the plan that He given to Moses. These anointed men would have abilities beyond ordinary and would be able to construct the artifices that were to be in the Tabernacle.
-Not only would Beezaleel and Aholiab have the abilities of master craftsmen they also would understand the processes at the loom of the weaver. They would carefully select the threads and yarns to give creation to the hangings of the Tabernacle. Some of the hangings would require coarse, tough, durable yarn, others would have to be made of the more delicate and more valuable materials.

Zondervan's Bible Dictionary on weaving: The uniting of threads by crossing each other to produce cloth.
-We understand that the single thread alone or a series of the strips of yarn are nothing much to look at individually. But in time when all the pieces of the yarn are brought together, the weaver, using both skill and talent can bring a garment or a covering that will be fit for a king.


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