The Schoolhouse of Obscurity

1 Kings 17:1
Author: Philip Harrelson
Topics: Faith
Series: Elijah - A Man of Like Passions


-For the past several weeks, I have been listening to a series of messages that Jeff Arnold preached to his church in Gainesville, Florida back in 1991. It is on the life of Abraham and he called it “In the Steps of That Faith.” When all was said and done, Brother Arnold had preached through 29 messages about the life of Abraham.
-Not only did he go through the life of Abraham but he pulled numerous principles from his life that were extremely helpful in the lives of the saints in Gainesville. When I saw his series, I determined that I wanted God to grace me with a little of that sort of diligence because the value of the Word of God is immeasurable, especially when you are dealing with it verse-by-verse. Those who write books on preaching call this sort of treatment of the Bible to be "expository" in manner.
-What they mean by this is that the Word of God is literally "exposed" to the hearer and therefore with hearing and then applying the Word to their lives much spiritual benefit comes from this.
-With that thought in mind, I begin to pray and ask the Lord to help and direct me toward a particular character in the Bible to benefit our own local church. During that period of time, I could not get away from the life of Elijah. One other character came to my mind (Joseph) but I felt the Lord pushing me toward this man, Elijah.
-I trust that we will be able to gain something from his life.


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