The Prayer of Jabez

1 Chron 4:9-10
Author: Bobby Lewis
Topics: Jabez, Prayer
Series: Old Testament Sermons


Tucked within a string of prolonged lineages and a continuous list of people

Appears a break in the monotony—it almost seems out of place

A man that stood out among them all

Essentially, it is the biography of a praying man


His name is Jabez and it means – to grieve, to have pain


His family was nondescript—we cannot find any real accomplishments by them

But then comes Jabez, a man who gets God’s attention—through prayer

The prayers of Jabez landed him a place in the forever settled Word

Prayer STILL gets God’s attention


Your past does not matter

What you're family did or still does—or never did

If you will pray, you can make a difference!

What kind of prayer gets God’s attention?


  1. Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed

Notice that Jabez left the type of blessing up to God

He did not ask for a Mercedes or a new house

God’s way is always the best way

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