The Mark of the Beast

Revelation 13:11
Author: Philip Harrelson
Topics: Antichrist, Endtime, False Prophet, Warnings
Series: New Testament Sermons


A. Looking Back to Look Forward
-Over the last several weeks we have traveled through some very weighty and provoking Scriptural matters. We have walked through the Olivet Discourse from the area of Mark 13. The particular words of Mark 13 are echoed in two other Gospels - Matthew 24 and Luke 21.
-There have been times that we have seen that Matthew 24 is concerned with the overall landscape of the world and the destruction in Luke 21 is more focused on Jerusalem. We have also visited the various judgments that the book of Revelation brings to bear through the seals, the trumpets, and finally the bowl judgments.

  • The wars
  • The famines
  • The death
  • The martyrs
  • The earthquakes
  • The darkness
  • The hail and fire mingled with blood

  • The poisoned waters

  • The demonic spirits creating horror

  • The sores like boils on the bodies of the population of the earth

-There has been a sobriety, a seriousness, a somber spirit, an earnestness, and a sincerity that has visited all of us as we beheld from the accuracy and authority of Scripture what is to take place on this earth. There has been an awareness from all of us that it would appear that we are drawing closer and closer to the final plans the Lord has in mind for the earth and for the church.
-Instead of fear, worry, dread, and apprehension gaining a foothold in our minds, I believe the prophecy preaching should inspire a closer walk with the Lord instead of handwringing.
-We visit one more area of the Scriptures before moving on to other matters. We have seen the impact of the anti-Christ and what he desires to do in the earth. This abomination of desolation will literally blaspheme God in all that he does until the Lord finally descends on the day of the Lord for a final battle with him.

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