The Lost Art of Anticipation

Acts 1:1-8
Author: Bobby Lewis
Topics: Pentecostals, Promise
Series: New Testament Sermons, Old Testament Sermons


Opener – Heinz Ketchup 1979, “Anticipation” Campaign


PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 17, 2002--H.J. Heinz Company today announced the end of "Anticipation" in a new advertising campaign for its Heinz Easy Squeeze!(TM) upside-down ketchup bottle. The campaign, created by Leo Burnett USA, uses Carly Simon's classic "Anticipation" to reveal that, with the launch of Heinz Easy Squeeze!, ketchup lovers can now enjoy "No Wait, No Mess, No Anticipation."

"Now, Heinz Easy Squeeze! turns anticipation into instant gratification for consumers who no longer have to wait for their favorite thick and rich ketchup," Lambeth added.

The new spots breaking today continue situations set up in the teaser campaign that began airing September 15. In the teasers, a man and a woman, each in separate spots, patiently waited for their favorite thick and rich ketchup to pour out of the classic Heinz glass bottle, while "Anticipation" played in the background. The ads then posed the question: "Tired of waiting?"

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