The Four Heartbeats of Desire

Mark 10:17
Author: Philip Harrelson
Topics: Fruitfulness, Fulfillment, Planting
Series: New Testament Sermons


-The text from Mark is but a third of the picture of the man who approached Jesus on that day in the costal regions of Judea, the southern-most portion of Israel. A further profile of this man comes from the accounts given by Matthew and Luke (Matt. 19:16; Luke 18:18). John is strangely silent in his omission of the young man.
-The profile of the man from the three accounts proves to us that he was a young man who was rich who held the position of a ruler. He was a young man who was highly principled and highly motivated. He had invested his talents wisely, not fingering them until they had lost their power, nor had he hoarded them away to be buried in some obscure place in his heart.

-This young man was filled with honesty and love for God. He had the markings of discipline, an excellent quality to have, but discipline without desire will bring dryness to the soul of every man.

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