The Focus of Truth

1 John 1:5
Author: Philip Harrelson
Topics: Darkness, Light, Morality, Truth
Series: Bible Study Series, The Word of Life


Twenty-seven times in 1st John (KJV) the word “know" is used. John is very clearly establishing that this is an epistle of certainty. Our generation is one that leans towards the "hermeneutics of humility." The mantra of this thought is that no one could possibly understand and even know what truth is really about. With this feigned cloak of humility they would affirm, "I would never believe that I could know all that is in the Word." This idea is an outflow that comes from a political correctness that frowns upon and even condemns those who affirm certain principles of biblical truth.

The facts remain that God does have absolutes and that mere opinions in the face of biblical truth will ultimately leave little to build upon. In fact the absolutes that are given by God can do much for a saint of God. The absolutes can provide him with a great sense
of confidence that the will and purpose of God will ultimately come to pass. Once one becomes confident of the power of the Word and the work of the Spirit an amazing thing will happen in one's life. This confidence will produce a passion that will translate into a dogma. This confidence will give us the boldness of speech that will assist us in reaching our world for the cause of Christ.
A. Three Categories of Confidence in 1st John
There are three distinct categories of confidence that John gives to us in this first epistle. One is theological, one is moral, and the last is motivated by love.

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