The Danger of Doing Nothing

2 Kings 7:3
Author: Bobby Lewis
Topics: Complacency, Lazy
Series: Old Testament Sermons


The Danger of Doing Nothing


2 Kings 7:3: Why sit we here until we die?

There was a great drought in Samaria and the Syrians had taken over certain cities. People were dying everywhere.


Four lepers came to the gate of the city. The law of the leper was that they could not enter into the city.


On the verge of starvation, they said one to another,  Why sit we here until we die?


When they went into the city, they found the Syrians had fled.


The Bible says the Lord had made the host of Syria hear the noise of chariots, and a noise of horses, even the noise of a great host. They fled for their lives from nothing but a noise from God. (And you're worried).

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