The Christian's Attitude Towards Money II

Luke 3
Author: Caleb Adams
Topics: Finance, Money, Stewardship
Series: Principles of Biblical Stewardship


The Scripture has much to say regarding financial matters because…money matters.

  • 15% Of everything Jesus taught had to do with money and possessions.
  • Why did Jesus put such an emphasis on money and possessions Because there is a fundamental connection between our spiritual lives and how he think about and handle money.
  • We may try to divorce our faith and our finances, but God sees them as inseparable.
  • Furthermore, when we read through the Gospels and Acts we see that true conversion always brought about a radical change in the way people’s attitude towards money;
  • In Luke chapter three John the Baptist is preaching to crowds of people who’ve gathered to be baptized. In his preaching he commands them to repent and bear fruits of repentance. Three different groups ask him what they should do to bear fruits of repentance. John gives three answers;
    1. Everyone should share clothes and food with the poor. (v. 11)
    2. Tax collectors shouldn’t pocket extra money. (v. 13)
    3. Soldiers should be content with their wages. (v. 14)
  • Each of these answers relate to money and possessions. But no one asked John about that. They only asked him what they needed to do to prove that they had repented. The reason John answered the way he did is that our attitude towards money and possessions is so central to our spiritual lives that John the Baptist couldn’t talk about spirituality without talking about how to handle money and possessions.

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