Parenting the Internet Generation

Author: Luke Gilkerson
Topics: Internet, Parenting, Parents




This e-book can be used in a number of different ways. Maybe you simply want
to read the book front to back. That’s perfectly fine. There are discussion questions included at the end of each chapter that you can answer for yourself. Take note of the prayer included with the discussion questions, as these are tailored to each chapter. This book can also be used as a study, maybe one chapter at a time with your spouse, or even with an adult small group. In a small group setting, the discussion questions can create a multi-week study.

However you choose to use this e-book, please know that its content has been carefully and prayerfully created. We understand how important this topic is. Afterall, we’ve been helping families create safer online experiences for over 15 years with our cutting-edge accountability and filtering solutions. We want to do whatever we can to help you create a culture of accountability in your own home. Please enjoy Parenting the Internet Generation.




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