Origins of the Trinity

Matthew 7:15
Author: Bobby Lewis
Topics: Apostolic, Apostolic Church, Pentecostal History, Trinity
Series: Basic Penecostal Doctrine


You deserve to know!!! Although many people do not know where the doctrine of "The Trinity" comes from, they accept it as part of the Bible. Many people accept this doctrine because it is the teaching of their church. Many accept it because they have been taught about the trinity for many years, so it must be right. Others accept this teaching only because they don't know of any other teaching concerning God.

We believe that if people actually knew where this teaching originated from, they would not accept it. The trinity was not taught by the Apostles of the Bible. Jesus didn't teach about a trinity. The number three is never used in association with God. Still, most Christians believe in a trinity. Could so many people all be wrong?


Here are the FACTS.

Several hundred years before Jesus was ever born, lived a man named Socrates. He was a philosopher, a man who sought for wisdom. He received his wisdom from an "internal sign"(1), which he considered to be "divine"(2). It spoke to him in "a kind of voice"(3). We would like to believe that it was God speaking to him, but it wasn't.....

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