Oaths, the Truth, and Keeping Your Word

Matthew 5:33-37
Author: Caleb Adams
Topics: Oaths, Promise, Truth, Vows
Series: Messages from the Mountain


This passage deals with the custom of taking oaths and telling the truth.

  • A careful examination of the biblical instruction regarding oaths will show that Jesus was not making an express prohibition of making vows; rather he was reproving the practice of making frivolous oaths.
  • At the heart of Jesus’ teaching here is the message that a Christian’s word should be their bond. We should not have to affirm our speech with an oath to make it believable.
  • Oath: An oath is a vow that invokes a higher authority to make it more credible. Any oath made calling on God invites him to witness the truthfulness of what is said, or to avenge it if it’s a lie. An oath is generally considered to be absolute truth because it invites judgment on the one who violates their word.

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