2 Kings 5:1-27
Author: Philip Endris
Topics: Obedience, Worship
Series: General Sermons


Naaman was a captain in the Syrian army, powerful and respected man. REFER UP to captain. He was also blessed of God despite the fact that he was not an Israelite. Verse 1 of our text says the Lord gave the Syrians deliverance through him. REFER UP to deliverance. Obviously, while Naaman was not an Israelite, God was a force in his life. II Kings 5 may be the only place in the Bible where a man acknowledged as a leper was in a position of power. In Israel, such people were thought to be unclean. But Naaman was described as a mighty man, and honourable.

Naaman had learned to live with his condition. But an Israelite girl, who served as a personal attendant for Naaman’s wife, knew of the profit Elisha, who lived in Samaria. The maid thought Elisha could heal Naaman, and when her words got back to the captain, he decided to seek help. This is just one example of how the subjugation and oppression of the Israelites managed to advance God’s purposes. Even through sorrowful actions, His will was done. Acts 8:3-4. Just as a girl taken captive by the Syrians in a war with Israel blessed a good Syrian man and led him to God, the early Christians scattered by Saul reached many.

Back to Naaman. One thing that impresses me about Naaman is the fact that he was willing to listen to a little girl speaking in faith. I’m sure he visited the best physicians and magicians in Syria. But when he finds out that someone else in another country can heal him, he leaps at the chance. Would that all of us would leap at the chance for salvation after they hear the true story of the Gospel. In any case, Naaman decides to visit an Israelite profit in Samaria.

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