I Love My Master

Psalms 40:6
Author: Bobby Lewis
Topics: Love, Master, Slave, Slavery
Series: Old Testament Sermons


I Love My Master

One of my favorite verses in Psalms is when David proclaimed to God, "Mine ear hast thou opened."

He was referring to the slave that had arrived at his day to go free because his debt had been paid. The servant had every right to leave the master's house and walk away. He could return to the life he had previously lived and never look back.

But if he loved the master, and wanted to willingly continue to serve him, he could pick up a hammer and an awl and go to the master. Placing these instruments in the master's hands, he could ask him to bore a hole through his ear. This would be a sign to everyone that saw it that he was serving out of love and gratitude, not out of debt and obligation.

For David to make this statement, he had to go through the process of weighing the the desire to go free and become bound, or to remain bound and become truly free.

Every person who has ever been born again also made the same decision. What a joy it is to serve with people who are so overwhelmed with their love for God that they willingly serve. Their life is marked by the love of God.

What a tragedy it is to see those with an opened ear who no longer serve. But to them, let me say, your life also is marked by the love of God. It was marked by your choice and God never forgets whose who He has set free. The Master lovingly waits for your return to His house.

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