Christ and the Law

Matthew 5:17-20
Author: Caleb Adams
Topics: Righteousness, Sermon on the Mount
Series: Messages from the Mountain


In our last lesson we studied Jesus command that we should let our light shine to the world, and in so doing we will impact the world for the Kingdom’s sake.

  • The world needs to be able to see our Christianity. Man looks on the outward appearence so it is incumbant that we show them something good!
  • However, Jesus went on to say in our text that even if our good living is in complete obedience to God’s law…that in itself isn’t good enough…Our righteousness must exist on a level beyond the ability of humans to achieve.

I. The time of Christ was an era when the Law meant everything.

  • There was the law of Moses which consisted of the Ten Commandments and all of the subsequent writings of Moses which gave the applications of those commandments.
  • Then there was the Talmud which contained the oral traditions and teachings of the elders concerning the interpretations of the various commandments. The Talmud was many volumes thick and dealt with every conceivable are of life. These Jewish traditions were eventually elevated to the same level as the inspired writings of Moses.
  • The belief of the Jews was that one was saved by a strict adherence to the Law and the traditions of the elders. The Law was their salvation…or so they thought.
  • When Jesus came and begin preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and proclaiming himself to be the Messiah and savior, the question that was on everyone’s mind was how did the the Gospel fit with the Law of Moses. Should believers continue to observe the Law of Moses? Could believers now abandon the Law? What parts of the Law did God still require?
  • The Sermon on the Mount was Jesus reply to those who questioned how his followers would relate to the Law.

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