Beatitudes - Priestly Blessing

Matthew 5:1
Author: Philip Endris
Topics: Beatitudes, Blessing, Sermon on the Mount
Series: General Sermons


He begins preparing them for the Kingdom.

  • Beatitudes
    • Matt 5 (blessings only); Luke 6 (blessings and cursings)
    • Mumford calls this the “Bylaws of the Kingdom”
    • Fundamentals of the Kingdom (foundational for the kingdom)
  • In the Beatitudes Jesus teaches:
    • Character (vss. 3-8)
    • Conduct (vss. 5-12)
    • Influence (vss. 13-16) – our influence on the world instead of the world being an influence on us.
  • Before we begin, I need to briefly describe the meaning of this word “blessed.”
  • There is a desire today to translate the word with “happy.” However, this is not a good correlation.
  • The term “blessed” is an exclamation of the inner joy and peace that comes with being right with God.
  • Happiness may indeed be a part of it; but it is a happiness that transcends what happens in the world around us, a happiness that comes to the soul from being favored by God.
  • That is why it can call for rejoicing under intense persecution.
  • So, the Lord’s declaration of “blessed” is a pledge of divine reward for the inner spiritual character of those who are right with God.

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