A Matter of the Heart

1 Samuel 16:1
Author: Philip Harrelson
Topics: Agony, Heart, Leadership, Pastor, Wisdom
Series: David - A Man After God's Own Heart



-Perhaps no other character in the Bible resonates with most people like that of David.

  • He is a man who demonstrates moments of greatness mixed with moments of the ordinary.
  • He is a man of valor but also of fear.
  • He is a man who fellowshipped with God and entertained the wiles of Satan.
  • He is an extraordinary saint but an ordinary man!

Recently, I had the occasion to hear a man recount forty-four years of ministry in one place.  God has greatly blessed this man and the church has grown under his leadership.  However, he related that in his early days that there were some elder lay preachers in the church that he began to pastor at 19 years of age who made his life miserable and tried to destroy him.  He said that it just so happened that during a time of agonizing prayer that God brought his attention to the life of David as it was told through 1st and 2nd Samuel.  He said that God greatly used those studies in Scripture on the life of David to bring wise instruction to him.

He related how that he was immediately taken in by the phrase in 1 Samuel 18 which said that David behaved himself wisely.  He noted that this seemed to be the way that David went about living his life according to God’s plan.  The way he interacted with friends, enemies, elders, and those who served him brought spiritual lessons to his life.  He went on to say that he learned much from the life of David from the wisdom that Scripture brought to him.

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