A Little Further

Matthew 26:39
Author: Philip Harrelson
Topics: Last Supper, Principle, Upper Room
Series: New Testament Sermons



-The two passages that we have read is activity that follows the Last Supper which took place in the Upper Room.  If you were to read John 13-16 you would be able to hear the words of the Lord and to observe some of His actions there.  I have referred to that particular passage of Scripture in the past as the Upper Room Principles.

  • The understanding that death has an appointment with all - 13:1
  • The prevalence of evil to be among the good - 13:2
  • There is a will of God that we cannot escape - 13:3
  • You find there a principle of servanthood - 13:4
  • The blessing of the basin and the towel - 13:5
  • The hindrance of personal pride - 13:8
  • The cry for cleansing - 13:9
  • The need for brothers to serve each other - 13:14
  • The greatest example set by the Lord - 13:15
  • The gift of fellowship opens the door to betrayal - 13:21
  • The troubling presence of a devil among disciples (Tares/Wheat) - 13:23-27
  • The new commandment of love - 13:34
  • The hope of Heaven - 14:1-4
  • The true identity of Jesus, He is the Father - 14:5-14
  • The connection between love and obedience - 14:15-21
  • The promise of the Holy Ghost - 14:26
  • The Vine and the Branches - 15:1-8
  • The evidence of the greatest love is laying down your life for another - 15:14-17
  • The men the world will love to hate - 15:18-19; 22-27
  • The anointing of God does not exalt a servant but the Master - 15:20-21
  • There is no place that sin can hide - 15:22
  • Be careful not to allow the persecutions of life to offend and embitter you - 16:1-4
  • There are penalties that will come from associations with Jesus Christ - 16:3-4
  • The works of the Holy Ghost - 16:7-16
  • There is pain that takes place before the joy of birth - 16:19-22
  • The principle of prayer - 16:23-28
  • Before peace comes tribulation - 16:29-33

-This is just a quick summary of the principles that Jesus gave to His disciples that last night before the Crucifixion.

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