A Great Promise from the Lord

Isaiah 54:17
Author: Philip Harrelson
Topics: Promise, Warnings
Series: Old Testament Sermons


-This single verse of Scripture is one that comes toward the end of a segment in the book of Isaiah's prophecy that is from 49:1-57:21. The context of that whole zone of Scripture is the gospel of the Servant of the Lord that is obviously about Jesus Christ.

  • 49:1-26 - The Servant of the Lord and the Restoration of Israel
  • 50:1-11 - Israel's Sin and the Servant's Obedience
  • 51:1-52:12 - Listen! Awake! Depart!
  • 52:13-53:12 - The Man of Sorrows and His Acquittal
  • 54:1-17 - God's Glorious Future for Jerusalem
  • 55:1-13 - The Generosity, Urgency, and Effectiveness of God's Word of Grace
  • 56:1-8 - Salvation extended to the Disadvantaged
  • 56:9-57:21 - God's Message to the Wicked

-Context of the passage of the Bible matters! This is one Scripture that has been waved around for years as a magic rabbit's foot by a lot of well-intentioned people. While it can be a great promise to those who are downtrodden, there is also the necessary revelation that promise does not remove the responsibilities that every child of God has.

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